After a short intermission while the sides of the carriage were reconnected, all 16 panels of profiled teak board have now been fixed, despite the springing of the body sides, now corrected.  This reveals just how big the Barnum’s interior saloons are compared with modern stock.  For the curious, the large forged steel brackets are where each of the back-to-back seating sets will be installed, to provide for 64 passengers.
So why not come and visit – Saturday 15 September would be good, as 567 Group is having its annual Supporters Day meet and as Andrew Horrocks-Taylor advises from across the Big Pond, “we hope to have the frames part trial assembled on this day and so there could be quite some interest”.   Sounds a very good reason to come around and come on board.  You will be very welcome.
Thanks enormously to the concentrated efforts of Peter Wilson and Keith Stimpson this panel fixing is the first major step in the rebuild after corrective work on the Barnum’s wood frames and floor.  This long and repetitive part of the project was essential to enable the specific design and materials selection to go ahead for the erection of the carcasses of the four cloak closets which are intended to be the next builds to be undertaken.
This is where having the porcelain lavatory bowls and washbasin samples to hand makes it so much easier to match the pipe runs into the closets and to connect to the ceramics.
Caption – The last Barnum internal panelling to be completed contrasted with the side prior to the work. 
Photo- Keith Stimpson