Taken from high above in the Malmaison Hotel on the Water Front at Leith, is our stunning “photograph of the year – 2018”, at that very moment when the assembled company, led by the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, at the Eve of Armistice Service, saluted the fallen of the Great War.   The 6-wheel Memorial Carriage dedicated to the Royal Scots who died at Quintinshill and the 1304 employees of the former Great Central Railway brought focus to the event as it is the last of its type, now fully restored, to be involved in troop carrying over 100 years ago – even to that part of Scotland – and was a cause of the blazing inferno that killed or maimed 436 members of the Royal Scots on their way to Liverpool and the Gallipoli campaign.

Brought to site by Duncan Milner Haulage on a 60 ft trailer, dressed with a 40ft banner, emblazoned with poppies and the telling line “We will remember them”,  the carriage had been provided a special access platform to allow all of the many affected families to sit and imagine where their grandfathers, great uncles, friends and neighbours had taken that last fateful journey.