First work on erecting the central partition which features a sliding door of the saloon of Barnum no.228 is helping to solve quite a number of detail issues which have been complicated by the lack of the original drawings. While the doors themselves are relatively straight forward in their build, the challenge comes with the fixtures and fittings, hardly any of which survived the BR conversion from passenger coach to tool and mess van in the later 1950s.

Nevertheless the door guides on the floor are clear from the evidence of the previous fittings as rollers on the door would ease the open/shut movement. There is some current head scratching as to whether or not there were anything other than a waist height wearing strip either side.

Attention is now moving to the erection of the partition walls for the four compartments – two each end of the carriage, one for the lavatory, the other the wash basin – but especially what is required in the way of bearers for the water tanks to be installed above. Here is a further need for clear estimation of the size of tanks required – and the associated plumbing work.

RST is seeking your help to start this really rather exciting next stage – particularly from those with wood working skills who might devote a day at Ruddington from their otherwise very busy lives….

Caption – Central partition being built in Barnum no.228 – simple timber structure to be clad with teak boards.  Photo – Keith Stimpson