They have gone at last! After what seemed an age since first planned at the start of the year, two lifts and two journeys to Burton on Trent to Nemesis Rail have placed the two extracted Barnum bogies firmly in the queue for heavy overhaul, reports RST Trustee Mike Lang. The transporting by our friends Duncan Miller took place on Monday morning, 12 August, despite a major delay due to a big traffic hold-up on the A50.

By the way, there has been some debate over the ultimate operating requirement for our Barnums, once the carriage restoration is complete, and the rail connected again across the Gap at Loughborough. While for passenger carrying purposes the speed limitation with the Barnum on the GCRN section from Ruddington to Loughborough Junction will be 25 miles/hour, where single track dominates, pre-planning is afoot, for instance, to ensure that the plate-work and springing on the bogies will be passed for 40 miles/hour when onto the PLC’s double track.

As Mike says: “We want the bogies overhauled and rebuilt only once in our lifetime – and therefore they must be able to accept the higher speed requirements of the Loughborough-Rothley double track section. For those who keep asking, this also confirms that the Barnum no.228 will be completed and fitted out specifically for operational passenger use,” Mike concluded.

12 August – Loaded by winching onto the swallow neck trailer, brought in by Duncan Milner Transport, at last the two Barnum no.228 bogies depart the Heritage Centre for Nemesis Rail – Photos courtesy Andrew Coalwood