Now you can find out more about Ruddington where the Rolling Stock Trust is based and the EMRT – yes, the East Midlands Railway Trust. This may be a surprise to many but it is the charity which actually owns the Centre there – and GCR(N) which operates the trains over the EMRT to Loughborough….
So you can find out so much more – the joining of the two GCR railway sections – preparing for through train travel – EMRT is launching today a first new Website to explain all – go to
Take a few minutes to see what is happening north of the River Soar – as it is such a vital element of our rebuilding original GCR carriages and it is also the GCR 567 Group’s home of the new build 4-4-0 steam locomotive. It is all happening up at the Heritage Centre at Ruddington. That is the base of the GCR Rolling Stock Trust – and you have been up to date with how the RST has been getting with our first Barnum rebuild.
As Tony Keeble, Deputy Chairman of RST explains: “Well with the permission of EMRT, here is more news for you…..! Thanks to an utterly generous offer, we are encouraged to seek match funding for a very long-wanted event, the construction of a brand-new Carriage Storage Shed to house our centuries-old railway carriages – away from the weather and the vandals. This is so utterly important. We have eight vehicles that need this as long-term protection – and to enable them to dry out and be secure for as long as it takes.”
The Health Hiatus has impacted to on our rebuild work rate. But we are pleased to say that the Barnum’s two bogies are in the final throes of their major overhaul by Nemesis Rail, an invaluable sponsorship, with new leaf springs and brake blocks yet to be fitted, and final adjustments prior to their return to Ruddington in early October. The normal newsline to you is now being restored so you can join in….and learn how we are going to speed up production rates…..

A new bridge in place over the Midland Main Line – Tom Ingall

EMRT asset – Loughborough viaduct, 100m across the river Soar – J Bagshaw