No. 664, built 1910

3rd Class Open Saloon No. 664

No. 664 is similar to No. 228, having been built in 1910, the same year at the entirely new GCR Dukinfield works, and shows the sharp change in production methods compared with the earlier GCR craft carriage building. It is a 3rd class open saloon for 64 people in two compartments, with a central walkway and a centre partition to enable two group parties.

As with all the post 1910 carriage building Dukinfield works these were to the design of John G. Robinson, setting a trend in construction method that only ceased with the amalgamation of the GCR into the LN&ER. This vehicle was was formerly owned by Dr Moon’s group and was stabled on the Severn Valley Railway before it was acquired by the Main Line Steam Trust before it came to Ruddington. Photo courtesy of the Vintage Carriages Trust.

Courtesy of John Quick

Courtesy of John Quick

Courtesy of John Quick

No.664 at Ruddington c2005

At Ruddington c.2009

In Building No.5 at Ruddington


Needing love! At Ruddington c.2011