No. 228, built 1910

No. 228 is one of the last four “Barnum” carriages, all now on site at Ruddington. It is a 3rd class open saloon for 64 people in two compartments, built by G.C.R. at the new Dukinfield Manchester works to the design of John G. Robinson that reveals heavy U.S.A. influence as also used in the Barnum & Bailey circus train. This vehicle was last used in Hull Docks where it was adapted for tomato growing. It is stripped down, awaiting a body lift to replace steel gussets prior to re-assembly. Part of the original Kim Brooker collection. Photo courtesy of the Vintage Carriages Trust.

For further information, read HERE: History of GCR ‘Barnum’ No.228 (Rev8 Apr2020)