The Vital role of our Volunteers

Volunteers are utterly vital to all that we do, whether it is providing time or funding, skills in administration or practical skills in metal working, woodworking, surface preparations or assistance with muscle in the restoration process.

Any one person, with enthusiasm and drive, to see what can be done with some of the near wrecks, will be astonished that people power and organisation can deliver an absolute gem of, for instance, our first GCR Victorian carriage.

2002c MSL No.946 – Before restoration

The most valuable and least appreciated asset that we all have is that of time.  That commodity is crucial, whether it is sitting down, there and then making a donation – or indeed turning up to the Works to do a stint, however humble, however skilled.  Everyone who shows interest – and is prepared to devote time – is highly valuable and very much appreciated.

If you wish to help us, here is how to make a donation. ….. and if you pay tax, wich most of us do, than by Gift Aiding we can reclaim some of the tax you have paid, giving us an additional 25 per cent, thanks to the Government support for registered Charities.

2016c MSL No.946 – newly restored!

It does not have to stop there.  We were delighted to learn that a GCR enthusiast had actually willed us a good sum to continue our restoration work.  The advantage of that is that again there is a substantial advantage to us and to you, that the tax we pay out on our departure is substantially reduced.  Please there spend a little time, and maybe consider adding this to your Will.

Now for all us lively and able bodied, we will welcome your help, either of site, even at home, with the managing of the Trust, or better still coming to the Heritage Centre at Ruddington to see for yourself a hearty welcome and an opportunity join our friendly team, some of whom travel hundreds of miles to take part.

So, if you have a moment to think about us, and would like to join in, please contact us….. You will be very welcome!