Brand new castings have been delivered for attachment to the Barnum no.228. GCR Rolling Stock Trust took the decision to recast four of the cast-iron buffer casings as those taken from the three Barnums would not make up an original four. A feature of the casting is the challenging top mounted footstep. Under Peter Wilson’s direction all that is needed now is to drill for the four retaining bolts, the original shanks fitted by GCR having just three, and to mill the footsteps.

This is a major step forward for the restoration of this 1910-built GCR carriage and will be followed up by a re-fettling of the buffer shanks and sleeves, already commissioned.

It is thought that the Barnums when first delivered had buffer stocks which had circular mounts, bolted to the buffer beam.  These were much slimmer  castings. The evidence suggests that these were replaced with four-holed castings to take the much heavier oval buffers with their inbuilt footsteps. The replacements would have more easily resisted buffer lock while traversing tight curves, the realisation that this new size of carriage to the GCR had a different more demanding need for space off the straight track. This change could have occurred almost immediately after the initial build and well into LNER ownership days.

Photo – courtesy Keith Stimpson

Brand new replacement iron castings to original GCR design