It is really happening on Barnum no..228 up at Ruddington – and there is an open invite for bods with practical skills to come and help our small team, helped enormously by Peter Wilson’s wizardry with wood and metal….! Current state is that the interior side panelling of this Barnum are transforming – despite having to make corrections where the original steel screws holding the sides to the floor frame have wasted away and allowed the sides to bow out a fraction. Keith Stimpson and Andrew Coalwood have been fully engaged on installing new braces and plates to correct and restore the strength of the structure.

What is almost magic is that, authentic in detail, as the precision cut teak boards go up and the skirting follows, the interior transforms from the look of the inside of an old crappy wooden shed into a very fine-finish crafted salon. That in 1910 the Barnum’s original teak boards were machine prepared enabled carriage build-rates to be transformed. The skill, experience and high quality output by Peter Wilson is a massive feature of today’s production. And the sheer size of the Barnum is being revealed almost overnight.
The next challenges are the design and build of the new cloak closet walls, based on such vital references as the original GCR works diagrams and the evidence today of the screw marks on the old flooring of the position of the walls and where the brass sliders for the doors were located.

Sketch – shows the extent of the work of placing the new interior teak cladding

Captions – Photo of Barnum interior – courtesy Clyde Pennington