Your opportunity indeed! Coming on the last day of June Saturday and Sunday 1 July at the Heritage Centre, Ruddington, is the annual GCRN Model Railway event – at which full access will be there for visitors to see our rebuilding of 1:1 scale Barnum no.228. We will be delighted to show you around.

Step up the brand new red steps and admire the newly clad teak interior – and all the rest of the work going on, all brilliantly brought together by the highly talented Peter Wilson and his two ace supporters, Keith Stimpson and Andrew Coalwood.
There was a great sigh of relief again last Wednesday having seen the very cursory TV expose of the rebuild of heritage carriages of different eras. We were invited to join in that scramble with our iconic Barnum – but….there was no way we could meet the timescale of 6 months to a runnable carriage with the budget offered – if we were to carry on and complete a full restoration. We would have needed the specialist help of all the girls and boys at Rothley and RVP carriage works combined!
So come and see the real thing for yourselves.

Photos courtesy – Andrew Coalwood
Captions – New red visitor steps for you to try at Ruddington’s Barnum – and the teak clad interior of Barnum no.228 with the much admired teak boards fashioned and applied by Peter Wilson.