The 2-day Model rail event in this amazing hot summer brought crowds to the cool main buildings at the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre, Ruddington – and they came to see what was happening aboard our Barnum no.228 on display and open to all….and to the surprise of many!
This annual event was a great opportunity to show the progress of the rebuild of this massive 1:1 scale GCR vehicle and – thanks to Roger, Keith and Andrew –  to reveal Miranda’s delightful mannequin kids on the 1/4 scale Barnum seating model, samples of the replacement teak cladding and intricate working for ventilators, and, surprise, surprise in pride of place a bright shiny lavatory bowl and covers – after Thomas Crapper! – and the delightful working model by John Quick of Sheffield Bridgehouses of the mid 1800s.
What was really good was the interest  of, we hope, prospective volunteers to help progress the Barnum work – rebuilding the wooden body.  We had a pair of carpenter fathers and teenage sons whom we would like to engage – and indeed the prospect of a further couple of teenagers taking up their Duke of Edinburgh awards on specific tasks.  As a group we really do want to pass on the skills and interest in practical woodworking to next generations.  It is so important for the whole rail heritage movement – or we will all just grind to a halt.  So please volunteer – whatever your practical skills….we would just love to show you around – Wednesdays or Sundays usually!
Our next work in hand is designing the separate lavatory and wash closets (and associated waterworks!) – while completing the first of the main run of teak board claddings in the saloon, mostly a pin and screwdriver job, thanks to the very thorough prep work by Peter Wilson on the profiling of the teak and sorting the new entrance stairway.  And the resulting finish is quite excellent….