There has been some heavy thinking going on about what we should provide for the travelling public when each of the Barnums is hopefully returned to traffic – in quite a number of years yet. Do we need to apply piped services in the planning now? And how much operational use will each vehicle have when done to justify any spend. Electricity runs are readily installed, water and discharge pipes must be planned and fitted early on, water storage tanks similarly, but what of heating and ventilation….?

The just-recently wickedly hot weather – up to 32 degrees C – has brought on a debate as to what ventilation might be needed when passengers eventually board a fully rebuilt and restored Barnum carriage. 

Originally GCR had installed an American practice of drop light windows, these located at each further corner of each saloon, ideal in primarily hot and dry conditions.. That was the start, but even GCR moved on, faced with the UK weather, leading to expensive remedial work if these were left open and interiors were damaged. So GCR placed reliance on the streamlined external vents. By the time LNER became the new operator of these excursion or second level carriage stock in 1923 soon decided to enhance the venting system further by inserting new high level sliding lights – which remained throughout the remainder of the vehicles lives. Until now that is….

We decided at a very early stage that we would revert the exterior of Barnum no.228 to match the original as near a sleek style as these slab sided vehicles could handle – with extracting vents exhausting below smoothed protective teak covers…..

The question remains as yet unresolved. Do we need to install or plan for pressure ventilation?  Will we need to install heating?  And how often will we operate when heating or ventilating is required? General opinion is – hardly ever….So….Discuss….!

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Photo – courtesy Andrew Coalwood

Caption – Side elevation of the Barnum no.228 shows clearly where the LNER sliding lights had been above each of the intended main drop light windows…..