New Faces aid Barnum rebuild

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mike Lang (Pictured centre, black tie), a leading light in Railway Vehicle Preservation (RVP to many), together with Nick Lang and Mark Robinson into the restoration team at Ruddington, to share their enormously extensive knowledge of wooden bodied carriages in general but the Barnum restoration in particular, having involved in the MLST Barnum no 664 some years ago. Until now GCR RST has been concentrating its efforts on restoring the bodywork, with special emphasis on the teak board cladding inside and out.

RST has voted in favour of co-opting Mike as a Trustee and Director with immediate effect and all three have joined as working members of the Trust. This is hoped to trigger further interest in the Barnum rebuild project and shorten the time to completion.

The importance of this cannot be overemphasised as the team build will bring massive advantages to the Rolling Stock Trust by introducing much widened knowledge and experience. Vitally it will assist our CME Pat Sumner in adding the assessing, planning and delivering on the mechanical and electrical elements of all those critical to the operation of the running gear, bogeys, braking system and electrical supply and control equipment.