By popular demand – we hope! – next Saturday morning 27 October at the Ruddington Heritage Centre, we are having an update on the rebuild of the Barnum no.228, where we are and what’s next. We suggest that 10.00 hours to 12 noon would be ideal – on a walk-in when you can basis. Some have to travel from afar … it is not always easy to have a Saturday fixed time for an essentially informal session.

It’s a fact that we make the progress we do with great thanks to a small but we hope a growing band of Barnum Buddies who are getting a good head of steam on board. One of the bigger challenges is to get each sequence of the rebuild in the right order – so that we do not have to undo what we have just done. We keep learning…..!

Current state is the sorting out and re-erecting of the internal partitions, the first being the central divider between the two eventually 32-seat saloons. Then next comes the setting up of the end-of-saloon cloak and lavatory cubicles, with the fortunate example of an original, though without its cladding, left to copy. The timber is already on board being normalised, thanks to Peter Wilson’s detailed provisioning. It is actually quite surprising just how much physical evidence from the original build remains. When we have those partition structural skeletons in place we can start on sorting the waterworks.

Thanks to the lead of Mike Lang we are also seeing the main electric supply runs fitted into the saloon ceiling run for the eventual central 3-branch lighting fittings. For the time being these points will be used for the work lights within each salon.

See you there for a cuppa….?…/veh…/gcr-barnum-no-228/