Nunckley Hill – 12 November – Armistice 100+1 – This tour is done. This 6-wheel 130 year old hardly turned a wheel – yet managed to cross half of England and a quarter of Scotland and back, some 600 miles and more to take part in Eve of Armistice and Remembrance Sunday ceremonies in Leith and Sheffield. Why? Dedicated to The Royal Scots who died needlessly in hundreds at UK’s worst ever rail accident at Quintinshill and to the mass of far too many Great Central Railway employees who gave their lives in the Great War, the Trustees of GCR Rolling Stock Trust decided that this was a fitting tribute to them and acknowledgement to those descendent families, friends of our support for them.
Now you can visit the old Girl, hardly stained by that journey because we were so lucky with the weather and the care and attention in the MARCH Nunckley Hill Rail Museum where she will be sporting the Poppies that adorned her while on Parade during that highly charged, very emotional November weekend.
As CME Pat Sumner comments – The meticulous restoration was completed with very little external finance other than that provided by GCR Rolling Stock Trust members over a period of 15 years.  It has been a very interesting and worthwhile project, as was proven by the massive public interest at both Sheffield and Edinburgh.  Now we would like it to be shown off in the proposed GCR museum at Loughborough…..
946 Returning Home
Safe & Sound

As Deputy Chairman Tony Keeble says – If it had not been for our 100 years combined railway experience, and a loan of £50 to purchase, this fine carriage would have been scrapped 50 years ago!

Tony Keeble (left) & Pat Sumner (right)