We are looking for help in begging, borrowing, stealing from anywhere and anyone who has – any and every movie clip of the stately Barnums at work during their short lives with GCR, LNER or British Rail – that is from 1910 to the 1950s. And permission to publish, of course. We are making a short movie very soon.

Our up coming project is to lace together the origins and history of this transforming type of excursion carriage, conveying in eachvehicle 64 which was far greater per carriage than ever before, from the core Great Central system to the races, football Cup Finals, summer day trips to seaside resorts. A burgeoning business emerged at the start of the Edwardian period, from 1900 onwards to the Great War in 1914, the Golden Age of pre-Grouping railways.

We have plenty of stills photographs – but are always looking for more – to add to John Quick’s amazing collection – Barnums in full train sets, making up capacity on through trains, single carriages on lesser local services. These offered all travellers more space, bigger picture windows, greater comfort, taking them to more glamorous places than ever before.
So, as part of our recording of the social history alongside and on the GCR, we hope you will be able to help us. Our Barnum no.228 rebuild project at Ruddington is being worked on with increasing determination. And we now need your help to tell a much wider audience – please! You can assist in front of, or behind, the camera…..! Please contact…..!

Photo Caption – Barnums in service – John Quick collection