The central partition of Barnum no.228 features a classic sliding door – again. This is the result of the re-insertion of the partition between the two halves of the passenger accommodation of this 64-seat carriage. Clues on the recovered door show that a brass band provided mid height guidance while the base is controlled by sliding over the recently newly cast floor strip.

There is plenty of learning going on even now – not just to get the partition structure right, with space saving door pocket recreated, but also to ensure that everything works as originally intended. So the trial fit, as shown, was to prove not only the clearances of the original door, recovered during the tidy-out when the Barnum first arrived on site at Ruddington, but also to set the standard plan for the further 4 space savers to be applied to the lavatory and wash closets.

Now we need carpenter-assistance to start the erection of the cubicle partitions – with all the timber ordered up and on hand to get that process on the move. So, come and join the growing enthusiasm and spare a day please…..?

Photos:  Door open and shut! – Keith Stimpson