We need all the funding help that you can spare! As the Barnum rebuild gathers momentum, yes please(!), your interest in sponsoring its determined return to operational passenger service will be so encouraged!

We are grateful for the offers to help fund the new oil pads required for each of the 8 axle boxes – which as you now know will cost at least £60 each – and we are working up our fundraising scheme to match this and the next big wants. We have a sponsor behind the scenes who is prepared to much more than match-fund the cost of the heavy overhaul of the bogies. But we will not scare you with the cost of those until they are with Nemesis Rail for full assessment!

Our Barnum project is beginning to attract a very encouraging wider audience – and especially as we are close to the body lift to extract those two bogies – that will be a big, big water shed moment – though we hope not to be drowned on the day. Preparation for that event is very happily well under way……

Visit our donation page to support us: https://gcr-rollingstocktrust.co.uk/support-us/donate/

Our PapPal account is coming very soon!