Hot off the Press – the latest from Ruddington – and the Rolling Stock Trust…..

In a supreme effort of concentration, and thanks to the loan of jacks and stands from RVP, our Barnum no.228, at the Ruddington Heritage Centre, has been lifted sufficiently to enable the two bogies to be extracted, out each end. This is due to the determined lead and negotiation of Mike Lang, RVP Director and Trustee of the Rolling Stock Trust.

This is the first exposure of the bogies in their entirety since the Barnum was lifted away from Chipping Camden airfield where it had been in storage until 1998. Prior to that the last bogie overhaul would have been some 70 years ago, while still in BR ownership.

The next steps are to clear the tracks each end of Building no.1 to enable them to be removed to Burton on Trent and the works of our sponsor, Nemesis Rail.

And what will Nemesis find? On first view one bogie is well corroded but the second has suffered from rusting through of cross beams and a crucial mounting point. All will be further revealed when the bogies are dismantled and the component parts shot blasted, doing away with rust and congealed ballast and rail dust. Then will start the detailed assessment of frames, coil and leaf springs, compensating beams of this very advanced patent bogie design.

The Trust will then seek your help to fund the heavy overhaul. Nemesis Rail is very generously sponsoring half the cost – which leaves us with up to £25,000 to find. How you can donate easily – to come….!
This story is really beginning to roll – and we want you to be a continuing part of it….

After the big lift onto RVP vehicle stands, the Barnum’s two bogies have been extracted each end.  Here end is on the roll – Co. Andrew Coalwood

Corrosion extent and plate distortion at mounting point on Barnum bogie (Country end!) – with cross member beams also needing replacement – Co. Andrew Coalwood.