It’s the same on every heritage railway. We have all seen it! There is a need to find space for the gleanings of enthusiasts for treasures – all sorts of kit going for a song, that might be useful! There is no difference at Ruddington – but every minute secure and undercover space is invaluable – as long as we do not trip over them….

So it is with the tracks between the Barnum no.228 with bogies out, that a spread of electrical cabling, signalling gear and other useful bits – all untidy by nature – have been stacked onto pallets and the road cleared to allow the first bogie to be wheeled out of the Shed.

Thanks to Keith Stimpson and Ian Parker, ace Trust volunteers, the track and the space beneath the Barnum is clear and swept clean…in time for the big Ruddington Model Railway event next month……!

Photos: “Treasures” in the way of the Barnum bogie extraction – and then they were gone…..! – courtesy of Keith Stimpson

Photo – “Treasures” – now vanished at a stroke….!  Tidiness restored for a few minutes in Building no.1.