A tale of the unexpected…..! That specialist period sanitary ware and collector of fittings and etceteras from way back, with fascinating catalogues going back into the late 1800s when lavatories were being incorporated into passenger carriages (so that compulsory comfort stops were avoided – so speeding train journeys), our friend Simon Kirby produced for us the first of the required Edwardian brass lever taps for the Barnum being rebuilt at Ruddington. Simon, formerly with the famous Thomas Crapper, supplied the lavatory porcelain ware for Tony Spark’s meticulous recovery of Lovatt House in Loughborough.

But what is unexpected is the notion that we require pedigree superbly cast ironware with up to Grade 2 status! Ever resourceful, Simon has come up with an offer we surely must not refuse…catalogued under the Palace of Relief!

So do we have bids please for modular build (much as Paxton’s Crystal Palace!) Victorian public urinals, size to suit your needs, from about three grand upwards? Surprise us….! And we will pass the enquiry onwards! They are not Lidl made – but when gone, they are gone….

Live cast iron Victoria jolly, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham – Photo Courtesy – Simon Kirby

Cast iron urinals in modular form – so build your own to size! – Photos – courtesy – Simon Kirby