Glorious First of June. And a major step forward – step? Well very much more than just one….!

Thanks to the excellently co-ordinated Yard work led by GCRN’s Mike Fairburn and Dave Morris, the first of the two bogies of Barnum no.228, under the singular leadership of Trustee Mike Lang and two RST stalwarts, Keith Stimpson and Ian Parker, was rolled out of the Engineering Shed at Ruddington, carefully hitched up to the coupling of a BR Mk.1 carriage, to be gently motored off down the track to the points where it could then be shunted back in front of a Br Mk. 3 and reversed back through the Shed and onto the concrete forecourt.

So what some may ask? Well mark this. It is almost 20 years since the Barnum was rescued from Chipping Camden airfield after it failed to attract a buyer at auction and was destined for the scrap man and under Peter Wilson’s direction was loaded up, came to the Heritage Centre and so the Rolling Stock Trust was formed.. The two key set ups for the carriage, the bogies were considered not in the best of shapes and had quite severe corrosion. Now, very thankfully, they are at the start of their next journey, by road this time, to Burton on Trent for major heavy overhaul, into the hands of Roger Bulmer and the team at Nemesis Rail.

As Trustee Tony Keeble commented: “What a tremendous surprise and big, big achievement by the Ruddington team. Well done all. This a very significant time and somewhat unexpected. But to know the second bogie will also be extracted imminently is just so encouraging. Soon Nemesis Rail, our generous sponsor, will be in possession to give them a heavy overhaul.”

The first move in this major exercise was the loan of stands by RVP to enable the lift to take place onto them, so releasing the bogies, after some struggle to free the central pins. Now both bogies are out from under, thanks to the determined lead by Trustee Mike Lang who is a very experienced stalwart with carriage restoration and maintenance at Railway Vehicle Preservation at Rothley.

As Mike reports: “It was all due to very close and very well organised co-ordination by all involved. And due to that a really tough task became a particularly smooth operation. A very big thanks to all involved. We did really well! “

Start of the Day with Mike Lang (right) with Ian Parker, ready to roll

Bogie rolled into the open air

Bogie being hitched to very early BR Mk.1 by Ian Parker (right), checked out by Mike Lang

Thanks to Dave Morris and his team and the 08, off down the Yard – followed by Ian Parker

Buffed up to BR Mk.3 (destined as part of the HST set), bogie rolls back to the Engineering shed

Barnum bogie ready to be despatched to Nemesis Rail – being checked out for rolling resistance by Trustee Arthur Barber…..!