A somewhat unexpected event was the arrival on site at Ruddington of an inspecting delegation from the Science Museum and its subsidiary the National Railway Museum. The objective was to inspect the NRM Barnum, stabled at the Heritage Centre and to start the discussion regarding its future.

With the methodical progress on the Trust’s first Barnum no.228 it is clear that with two further examples in the pipeline, the cost of restoration to NRM’s expectations and the very limited availability of skilled volunteers puts an enormous strain in terms on even planning its return to a runnable passenger vehicle, regardless of the funding issue.

Trustee Roger Penson hosted the visit which reviewed the NRM Barnum and the Heritage Centre site – including the extensive NSMEE miniature railway.

The NRM’s Barnum, with surprisingly complete underfloor gear, at Ruddington awaiting decision on its future – Photo courtesy – Clyde Pennington.