A massive collaborative effort, under the direction of Trustee Mike Lang, means RST has done it at last. Removing the two bogies – each weighing over 7 ½ tons – from beneath the jacked up body of Barnum no.228 at the Heritage Centre at Ruddington. This was finally completed on Saturday 22 June when they were wheeled together on the front concrete pad of the Engineering Shop no.1 where they are ready for collection and removal to our sponsor Nemesis Rail for heavy overhaul.

As Deputy Chairman Tony Keeble states: “This is a fundamentally vital moment in our 20-year history, not only for our first Barnum restoration but also for the Trust with its prime intention to restore original GCR carriage stock. We are delighted with the help at the very moment when it was needed, and to Mike for leading both completely successful extraction efforts.”

Now on public view at the Nottingham Heritage Centre, the two bogies provide a unique opportunity for comparison with today’s air suspension types, as well as revealing the extent of the corrosion that 110 years beneath the Barnum has had, despite half a century since being in passenger operation. And Yes, it is clear that the discharge from the lavatories each end has helped develop holes in the steel plate cross members.

The next step is removal to Burton on Trent where Roger Bulmer of Nemesis Rail will oversee the heavy overhaul. This will start with the total dismantling and then shot blasting of all the components, refettling of the springs, followed by removal and replacement of over-corroded plate steel which makes up the structure of these advanced mechanically compensating bogies. As the extraction has taken far longer than expected there will be some further delay in their return overhauled to Ruddington.

Meanwhile, work on the underside of the Barnum body is continuing apace with Richard Clarke re-installing the vacuum brake and heating pipes, the RST team with Mike, Keith and Ian setting up the steel supports for the battery boxes, attention turning to the repair and replacement of the end stiffening plates and buffer beam supports.

“We had to call on numerous friends to help first to move the stored materials in our way so we could extract these two bogies,” said Mike. “We are most grateful to David Morris and Mark Hellebaut for re-commissioning the overhead crane and valuably assisting the actual moves. Our hope is that this whole effort will help GCRN to review how better to arrange this excellent workshop. We progress.”

Trustee Mike Lang (back to camera) and tremendous team with second Barnum bogie being readied for manoeuvre out to front pad – 22 June – Photo – Keith Stimpson

Two Barnum bogies together on the front pad at Ruddington ready to go to sponsor Nemesis Rail for overhaul – Photo – Andrew Coalwood