Thanks enormously to the expertise and determined work of Richard Clarke, the vacuum and steam heat pipes have been reinstalled and coupled up on the Ruddington-based Barnum no.228.

Removal of the two bogies to Nemesis Rail for heavy overhaul has provided one advantage most certainly not to be missed, as this gave about the only possible access, from below, reports Trustee Mike Lang. “Scores of screw joints were involved each of which have to be both air pressure or steam tight, so making instalation a must for the specialist”.

That deals with the external pipe runs with the exception of the coupling up at the buffer beams where more preparation work is required.

Turning then to the interior of the carriage, design of the heating system has yet to be finalised as the original Stones System heating elements were stripped out by BR – and pot-stoves inserted in their place. While on Hull docks these totalled three stoves to heat the large volume of the carriage’s open interior.

Pipe runs are complex but more accessible after the Barnum body lift and removal of bogies – Photo – courtesy Andrew Coalwood

Access eased by Barnum body lift for speociaist Richard Clarke to install awkard pipe runs – Photo – courtesy Andrew Coalwood