Planning for the future is well on the agenda at GCRN. How do we cater for the demands for siding and storage space at the Centre which is already scarce? When the two railways are reconnected at Loughborough the demand for new space will increase again – with more train sets and locomotive servicing.

One of the reasons for the Rolling Stock Trust’s holding back on progressing the mini Museum Building no.1a has been the need to resolve the Yard layout. Plans are at hand to maximise the available space, both Yard and track. This is complicated by the GCRN intention to add in two new sheds – the first being a two-road Diesel servicing facility – the second alongside being for carriage storage.

Step 1 is working out the dimensions and capabilities of the Yard to accept both track and structures. So P-Way engineering specialists Alex Turner and Stan Thompson in orange hi-vis with survey gear have been engaged in a new dimensional check of the existing track, to recommend new parameters and how to connect the various needs to and from Buildings no.1 and no.1a. With Keith Stimpson’s help the resulting survey will be considered for electronic conversion.

As Mike Fairburn comments: “This is an example of good co-operation across the various groups at Ruddington, a welcome and helpful action by the RST team”.