We were very pleased to meet with Roger Shelley, the newly appointed Head Curator of the GCR/NRM museum, right at the start.  He joined us at Ruddington to see what the Rolling Stock Trust and GCRN were all about. The next stage is to review what is the first major selection of exhibits and artefacts which reflect the GCR, its origination and its final demise.

Roger Shelley (middle) presenting certificates of appreciation to Tony Keeble (left) and Pat Sumner (right) for outstanding lead of the 946 restoration, from start to finish

A big expectation is that one of our Barnums will be fit and furnished in time to be displayed from the opening of GCR Main Line Museum in the making at Leicester North on the southern end of the Great Central Railway.   This is expected by 2021.  We are very determined to help by offering also the completed MSL 6-wheel carriage no.946, which is superb in its Museum standard finish.

As Roger Penson describes: “This is an ideal opportunity for  the Trust to deliver so completely on its objectives.  That is restoring the nine GCR carriages, all now well over a century old, as we set out to do originally at the turn of the Millennium.”