Passed unanimously by the smaller than usual numbers at the Rolling Stock Trust’ s AGM, held thanks to NSMEE in the comfortable Club Room on site at Ruddington, was the proposal to press ahead with planning and funding of storage facilities at the Centre.

Reminded by EMRT that the conditions on use of the Centre were that all rail stock vehicles were required to be under cover – rather than in open storage – the Trust is only too well aware that its stock of GCR carriages – all over 100 years old – has suffered the ravages of weather, vandalism and theft over a 20 the year period since the Trust was formed to save them. A key recommendation was that RST should have a full Lease to provide the security of tenure and guarantee of cover for finished rebuilt wooden-bodied stock.

That then left the matter of a dedicated covered workshop in which the prime restoration works were to be undertaken. Once the Yard track layout is decided – and that included the access to Building no.4 where the ground had height differences also to be taken into account – the main effort of bringing that facility into operation can begin, with the pouring of the concrete floor slab. The RST team has been taking time away from carriage work to paint the main walls of the interior and wants to use that building soon, to start the drying out processes of the now very rain soaked wooden bodied vehicles.

The Trust will soon be launching a bid for funding and the hope that donors will soon step forward to support this major effort to provide permanent cover for all its vehicles.

Caption – Needing cover urgently, Clerestory no.1663 at Ruddington – Courtesy GCR RST archive…..