“We are counting the days until we have the two totally rebuilt bogies back from Nemesis Rail, for reinstalling under our Barnum no.228 at Ruddington,” says Mike Lang, Trustee of the Rolling Stock Trust. “Their arrival will start a major move in more ways than one, a moment we have so long waited for – and our big thanks to the donors who have helped fund three quarters of the heavy overhaul cost!”  

It was no simple matter to extract the bogies in the first place, and we are incredibly grateful to RVP for the loan of the body stands during their absence at Burton with Nemesis Rail. Soon their job will be done and these will be returned to Rothley. And with the wooden body returned to the normal height with access restored for the team, a transforming move will come into play. Yes, there will be restrictive movement (under the new physical distancing rukes) for all working on the carriage.  But the Trust is determined that the restoration rate will increase and are assessing how two outside specialist concerns, with pedigree of work on heritage carriages, can help speed up the rebuild of the body. 

As Mike Lang says: “This is not a foregone decision yet, though we know the quality and production rates these craft producers can turn out. As always, these projects are actually much more complex than they seem – the water tanks requiring in-flow pipes, exit and air vent piping, much of which has to be hidden behind the timber wall cladding – and there is also the waste system design to be finalised. This requires careful planning to ensure that the plumbing is installed in time with the cladding applications. Fortunately, there are parallel works to be undertaken such as making up the full complement of no less than 13 internal and external sliding and hinged doors, seating, tables, etc.”

Caption – Ready in earnest to start interior of Barnum 228 (top).  Teak clad Open saloon of No.228 and original but unclad partition of no.695 (bottom). Photos – Andrew Coalwood


Caption – Barnum no 228, on stands, awaits two fully overhauled bogies from Nemesis RailPhoto – Andrew Coalwood