“We have hung back long enough but we have to be patient a bit longer for the next stages of build of the Barnum no.228,” says Mike Lang, our build supremo. “Actual next stages of rebuild cannot occur until we have the two heavy overhauled bogies, then with new leaf springs and brake blocks back to Ruddington.  Between now and then we have some crucial detail work to finish under the frames. As soon as we are allowed access to the workshop, we have to set to and define the quantity and delivery of the remaining individual items of metalwork.  These make up the brake-rod runs, set up the brake actuators. We plan to swop round the brake vacuum cylinders from sister Barnums. That will ensure there is no delay and we can then order up new when we need them.

“We are also looking at speeding up the woodwork constructions of the body interior so we can fit the framework of the closets and the partitions. As soon as the cladding is fixed the vehicle will transform into the massive carriage it is. October should be a really busy re-start month – so why not come and give us a hand  or even make us a donation…..?  Do help make the transformation happen……?”

Caption – Ready in earnest to start interior of Barnum 228 (top).  Teak clad Open saloon of No.228 and original but unclad partition of no.695 (bottom). Photos – Andrew Coalwood

Caption – Barnum no 228, on stands, awaits two fully overhauled bogies from Nemesis RailPhoto – Andrew Coalwood